What will you do with your time, talent, and treasure?

When asked, “Who is my neighbor?” Jesus answered with a story about a servant Samaritan who offered his time, talent, and treasure in service to someone in need. He then commanded, “You go, and do likewise.” As the body of Christ, we seek to obey our Lord’s call to service by ministering to the needs of the vulnerable, oppressed, and needy within our church and in the community. 

In order to do that, each member is asked to consider how they can personally invest in the well-being of others. The Mercy Committee at Christ Church has recognized three key ministries of mercy that our church can invest its time, talent, and treasure. These ministries include: Mandarin Oaks Elementary School, the Galatians 6.2 Ministry, and Seamark Ranch.

For more information on how you can be involved, please contact Jon Groh.