Through Jesus, God saves us by grace through faith alone. That said, God does not save us to be alone!

Rather, he welcomes us into his family, bringing us into relationship with one another. Within this family, Jesus challenges and transforms us as we love one another, share life together, and serve the world around us.

At Christ Church, we desire to develop this level of relationship in our Congregational Communities (CC). A CC is a mid-sized community (30-50 people) that offers the opportunity to get to know one another, study Scripture, serve others, welcome newcomers into our church, and take positions of leadership in our church. To participate in the life of our congregation, in a meaningful way, involves connecting in a CC. To participate join us at 9.30 am on Sunday mornings!

We have three communities that offer the opportunity to be involved in the life of our church. While CCs are not strictly defined by age, they generally reflect the ages and stages of our intergenerational community.

Emmaus - Young adults and young families

Location: Big Room Upstairs

Sojourners - High school families and empty nesters

Location: Room 1

Cornerstone - Empty nesters and retirees

Location: Room 2

If you have any questions, or need additional information, contact John Lawler. For a church map, click here.